20 Tweets About Marriage That Are Hilariously Real

Marriage is a wonderful thing, you are dedicating your life to a person that you love very much, your best friend and lover. However, after spending every single day with this person, sometimes they can be just a little bit annoying…okay, a lot.

Obviously, we still love our other half but they sure know how to wind us up! These marriage tweets are just so true and painfully relatable. Maybe we should stop using what annoys our partner the most against them…

1.) Communication is important in marriage

Having an argument entirely in fridge magnets? Totally normal for married couples. Yes, it’s all about communication but what better way to communicate with your partner than with fridge magnets?!

2.) Waking up next to the person you love every morning…or not

Yeah, sure it’s nice to share a bed with someone you love and see their cute sleepy face every morning. BUT having an entire double bed to yourself and a peaceful nights sleep? Yes, please!

3.) Negotiation and meeting in the middle is important

Okay, you may be cold but you have to pay the heating bill! Just put on a jumper and wrap yourself in a blanket. You can tell I’m the one writing down the lower number here.

4.) He knows her well

When you’re married to someone, you get to learn all of their pet peeves and ways to contact them. I’m completely with his wife on this one, why do people always call?! Texting is much less pressure and easier.

5.) It’s about owning up and apologising for mistakes

When you upset your significant other in their dream, you might as well just apologise. There’s no point trying to reason that it wasn’t you, just say sorry and your day will be much better.

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