20+ Shocking and Hilarious Cases Of Pareidolia (AKA When Things Look Like Other Things)

20.) Cactus giving the middle finger

This cactus is honestly such a prick. How rude. I am offended and you should throw this cactus in the bin.

21.) This box has had a bad day

Someone get this box a drink! He looks like he’s had the worst day ever. Been thrown in a puddle, ignored on the side of the road. We should be ashamed of ourselves, boxes have feelings too!

22.) Bad omen…

If this was my bike and I saw this picture, I would NOT be riding that bike ever again. It’s shadow literally looks like a person sat in a wheelchair…sinister.

23.) Happy pepper

This pepper looks like it’s having a great time. Not sure why it’s smiling just after it’s been cut open but who cares!

h/t: gosocial

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