20+ Shocking and Hilarious Cases Of Pareidolia (AKA When Things Look Like Other Things)

11.) This beer is happy to see you

Honestly, it’s nice to have a beer that’s as happy to see me as I am happy to see it. This is so cute.

12.) Dolphin backpack

This backpack looks like an adorable happy dolphin and I’m living for it. This is definitely weird though, how this person opened it and it fell exactly into the shape of a dolphin, odd.

13.) Evil bedroom light shadow

This shadow is incredibly sinister and I would NOT be sleeping in a room with THAT. The light shade isn’t nice anyway, just take it down and BE DONE WITH IT.

14.) Gingerbread man, what happened?

The shadow from this light literally looks like a hanging gingerbread man and it’s TRAGIC. What happened? What drove him to this?

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