20+ Shocking and Hilarious Cases Of Pareidolia (AKA When Things Look Like Other Things)

6.) Cat or dog jumping over a house?

This cloud looks like a cat or dog jumping over a house. I definitely see a cat but that’s just because cats are better than dogs.

7.) Cooking Pasta…COOKIE MONSTER

This person was casually cooking pasta until suddenly a wild cookie monster appeared. This is slightly scary but maybe he is trying to communicate something…ditch the pasta and eat a cookie instead. Go on, you know you want to.

8.) Upside down shark = the devil laughing manically

This shark hanging upside down literally looks like the devil laughing. The mouth is scary enough and the fins look like horns. This is the scariest thing I’ve EVER seen.

9.) Is that Jesus?

Looks like Jesus is now frying for our sins too. Will this guy ever stop giving? What a legend, providing tasty bacon too!

10.) When you encounter the Ku Klux Klan on the beach

Imagine stumbling across this on the beach at night and preparing to run for your life…before discovering these are actually just closed parasols. This is so freaky!

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