20 Hilarious Church Signs That Make Religion Fun!

With all due respect to people’s beliefs, a lot of the time, any religion couldn’t really be described fun. As much as you enjoyed your faith, ‘hilarious’ wouldn’t really be your first word to describe it, if asked, would it? Let’s be honest.

Faith & Religion (whichever you choose) is meant to be about self-sacrifice, thinking of others and generally, just being as good a person that you can be.

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So, amusement and entertainment wouldn’t really come into that, would it?

Well, think again!

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As these next 20 hilarious Church signs prove (& they’re totally genuine!) religion doesn’t have to be all sacrifice and abstinence from fun.

Sometimes, it can be about having the best darn sense of humor!
& Hey! It works for businesses to have catchy signs outside to entice you in, what should make the Church any exception!?

#1. No one ever does…

Just goes to show you that sometimes, not reading the Apple terms and conditions can have very serious consequences! I mean, look what happened to Adam and Eve! Think about that, the next time your device asks you to install a new update!

#2. Sin = Bad Jesus = Good

They make a very persuasive point. I finally get it now, someone should have put it in such simple terms, years ago! Thank god for the sweltering weather (literally!)

#3. Speaking of the weather…

I think someone may have a gone a little overboard with the winter wonderland praying! Someone needs to learn how to stop because God obviously doesn’t know how to!

#4. BURN (Literally!)

This is brilliant! What a comeback! & They’re still showing dignity in the face of adversity!
This Church has got all the sass! Sign me up, I need some of that shade!

#5. YES!!!

This Church is very clever…they must know that this is going to hit 90% of people RIGHT in the feels! I never want to disappoint my Cat…ever, he is my GOD.
So inspirational!
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