15 HILARIOUS ‘The Grinch’ Billboards That Keep Showing Up To Roast America

The newest remake of The Grinch was released on November 9th (it’s AMAZING by the way) but the fun has been ongoing. The Grinch features on a series of billboards across US cities, roasting the very people in those places!

Both the movie and the billboards have gone completely viral and we love it. So, embrace your inner Grinch and laugh at this amazing marketing campaign that may insult us but still makes us giggle!

1.) Unlucky!

It’s true, honestly. Free food means we are more than likely to go along. At least the Grinch is bringing some honesty.

2.) Sassy advice

It’s a pet hate of mine when people honk their horn at traffic as if that will make ANY difference. Sorry Mr important, now that you’ve honked, I will move aside for you, despite the hoard of traffic ahead. JEEZ.

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3.) Relatable

This is what we look like, all day every day. Unless someone makes us laugh like the Grinch does!

4.) How COULD you?!

Putting gluten in somebody’s smoothie ESPECIALLY in LA is prison-worthy. Don’t even think about doing it or they will soy you to death.

5.) The worst thing ever

A classic Grinch joke. Whoever doesn’t understand that green means go really does need to go back to school.
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