15 Hilarious Signs That Are Every Pun Lover’s Dream!

6. TMI

This is very clever and it actually makes you think for a few seconds, some of the best puns are the ones that make you stop and stare blankly for a few seconds before laughing or turning violent on the ‘punee!’ I wasn’t really after the mental image of electricians stripping though…although, it would depend on whom they were!

7. Resistance is futile!

Now, this almost a ‘get out!’ But it’s certainly an eye roll and a corner mouth smile deal!
9/10 on the pun scale for this one!

8. This is Hill Areas!

Okay, this one totally got me! Definitely, a ‘get out!’ You can tell that some serious pun thought went into this. Very clever!
10/10 on the pun scale! Bravo!

9. You have to laugh!

Who doesn’t love a good animal pun!? Come on, don’t tell me that you aren’t laughing! Or at least trying to resist a laugh! Admit it!

10. Let’s all be Frank here!

Wouldn’t we all!? This play on words is quite creative, I’m impressed! Not quite a true pun though, the groan scale isn’t that high.

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