15 Hilarious Signs That Are Every Pun Lover’s Dream!

Who doesn’t love a good pun!? Seriously!? Okay, maybe the more mature types will see that kind of humor as beneath them, but I think they have a very valid place in the book of humor!

I mean, look at the Dad joke! Where would we be without it!? (A lot less embarrassed and mortified I hear some of you cry!)

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I personally think puns are hilarious and am often trying to come up with better ones each time (it’s like a competition I have with myself!)

& How do you know that you’ve delivered a GREAT pun!? Well, by the amount of eye rolling and groaning coming from the people around you…& if it’s been a particularly ace one, someone will feel compelled to shout ‘GET OUT’ in your face! That’s when you know that you’ve completely nailed your pun game!

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Now, if you agree with me on this, not only have you gone up by about 1,000 points in my estimation of a human being, but, you’re also going to love every last one of these signs out of the Indian Hills Community Center in Colorado. The residents obviously have a great sense of humour and they just love the changing puns put up by Vince Rozmiarek, the community centre volunteer behind the hilarious signs.

Get your eye rolls and ‘get outs’ at the ready! They’re punning great!

1. That’s just sad…

This is one of those where you know that it’s so, so bad…BUT, you have to keep restraining the little smile that is suddenly appearing at the corner of your mouth.
8/10 on the pun scale.

2. The little things are enough…

This isn’t so much funny, as it is accurate! We got given turn signals on our cars for a reason people! USE THEM!
9/10 just for sheer sass and accuracy.

3. If you can’t laugh at yourself…

This is true though, you should always try to have a sense of humour about yourself (or someone else will!) I’m sure the volunteers are lining up for this one!

4. I see what you did there!

This one is a little too political for my pun liking, but it’s still light-hearted, clever and worth a chuckle!

5. I wanna live forever (but I can’t afford it!)

I love this! I think all of us at some point have woken up in the morning and wondered just how we’re going to afford today…or had sleep for dinner.
But it’s not as sad when someone makes a pun out of it though! They make everything better!
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