12-year-old Girl created teddy bears to hide the IV bags. She doesn’t want others to fear

Hospitals are known not to be pleasant to visit, except for cheerish moments when a baby is born, but while most of us are healthy in any way, sadly there are sick people who need medical care on daily basis and this is not pleasant for them either.

Or is it pleasant to be poked with a needle and to take vital signs every five minutes?

Casano, only 12-years-old is clear that it is not. From the age of seven, she is in and out of hospitals after being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that causes unusually low platelet levels, excessive bleeding and bruising.

Meg Casano

Although it’s a condition that usually disappears over the years, it didn’t happen that way and now she needs to receive intravenous transfusions every eight weeks. She also has to avoid participating in certain activities when the levels are low due to the risk of bleeding.

However, despite her health problem, she’s still a pretty excited girl. So when they asked her to do a school business project in the fifth grade, she knew right away what to do.

Meg Casano

It was clear from her own experience that she did not like hospitals … and the needles and intravenous bags made the picture even worse. Then, thinking about the other children, he wanted to make the passage through the hospital a little more friendly and less traumatic for them, so he created a cover for the bags in the shape of a teddy bear.

The doctors would not have any problem in handling them since in the later part it would have a cover of mesh with which the administration of medicines can be controlled easily.

Meg Casano

And as it turned out to be such a good idea, her parents helped her find a distributor to make her project called Medi Teddy come true.

For now, the little one is raising $5.000 through GoFundMe to fulfill the minimum order of 500 units with a distributor and thus be able to donate all the bears to other children in the hospital.

And in the future, she hopes to design more types of animals and even work with other organizations to design personalized clothes for her stuffed animals.

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