Woman Takes The Same New Year’s Pic 10 Years In A Row And Someone Noticed She Hasn’t Aged A Bit

We all have that friend who, no matter how long has passed, seems never to look any older. “Good for them,” you might say, but as you look at your saggy old face in the mirror you can’t help but feel a tinge of jealousy.

One such example is Chicago-based actor and comedian Meredith Stepien. She has taken a photo of herself every year for a decade, with her hair artfully arranged into the numbers of the coming year to prove it.

While this isn’t very remarkable in of itself, it is her seemingly never-ending youth that is notable, as her infectious smile and sparkling eyes appear completely unchanged throughout the entire decade. What is her secret? Has she discovered the fountain of youth, the one that Keanu Reeves has been drinking from?

Scroll down below to check out her pics!