When This Boat Crew Realized What They Were Seeing, It Was Almost Too Late To Escape

We can map out our journeys perfectly and yet things can turn out haphazardly. We can plan for weather conditions according to what we read, yet end up experiencing the complete opposite. Nothing is for absolutely certain as the Earth is always changing and never short of unpredictability.

The crew of the Maiken were reminded of this as they suddenly spotted something totally unexpected in the water. It was an odd discoloration occurring in the water. They went to get a closer look, noticing that it looked like a sand was floating in the water. Navigating through it they then saw some bubbles begin to erupt all around them. It was too late as they quickly realized what they were in the middle of.

The crew of the Maiken was sailing the South Pacific when they noticed an unusual shadow.

Upon first glance what appeared to be a sandbar as they approached turned out to be something else completely. 


A large mass of pumice stone was floating to the surface of the water. It looked like a beach.


They steered their yacht closer, to get a better look. 

Wow, doesn’t it look like a beach right in the middle of the ocean?!

As the crew sailed through it, a break in the stone was left behind them.

What do you think could have caused this expanse of stone to appear? 

As they continued to sail through it, the field of pumice got even larger as they passed through it. The crew started to feel uneasy and upped their speed.


After they sailed through completely, they looked back and saw water bubbling from the surface.

What they saw amazed them! The source of the stone was actually an active underwater volcano that was erupting! 

They dropped the anchor to watch such a magnificent sight. Vast amounts of smoke filled the sky.

Once the smoke cleared they saw something weird upon the water’s surface…

Land ho!

The stunned crew couldn’t believe what they were seeing: a new island was being born right before their eyes.

They had to sail closer just to be sure their eyes weren’t playing tricks on them. 

Their eyes were telling the truth. They just witnessed a new island take form. Amazing!

An even like this is extremely rare see in one’s lifetime. 

Credits: Damn
This crew was incredibly lucky for making it out of this alive! But they were also blessed with being able to witness such a breathtaking rare sight. Truly amazing.

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