WATCH: A Pet Owner Asks Her Cat To Perform A Trick. Watch What Happens When It’s The Dog’s Turn

In the battle of cats versus dogs, there is no one better to represent their species than Nana the border collie and Kaiser the Bengal cat. The duo have amazing owners, who have taught them tricks using only positive reinforcement. While many show animals suffer neglect and abuse, Kaiser and Nana come from a loving home, and are proud to perform for special treats. 

One reason for their incredible discipline is a technique known as “clicker training.” The simple noise that emits from a plastic clicker may not impress human ears, but to our furry friends, it’s a sound of positive reinforcement that they love to hear. Once they realize what behavior gets a click, they will want to repeat it, and just like that, a new skill is learned.

Credits: NanaBorderCollie | Wimp