WATCH: A 4-Year-Old Girl Faces Six Male Pit Bulls, But I Never Expected Them To Respond Like This

Of all the different breeds of dogs that exist, one breed in particular has a well-known reputation for being dangerous: pit bulls. While many facts and stories are written about this particular breed, there are a few interesting facts about this kind of dog. Originally, these dogs were used for bull and bear-baiting. On the ASPCA web site, the breed is described as having “a fabulous reputation, and were considered the ideal family pet because they were so good with people”.

Pit bulls are also described as “having great tenacity”. They are very strong, athletic animals. One famous pit bull was Petey, from the old television show, “The Little Rascals”. Watch the video to see this little girl interact with her family’s pit bulls.
Credits: Laugh World Net on YouTube and Wimp