VIDEO: She Knew Her Baby Does Something Extraordinary. So She Films It As Proof For The Doubters…

Have you ever seen the Irish river dancers? As the upbeat Celtic music plays, they dance using their legs in very specific ways.

But someone this little babe has figured out the ancient art of river dancing before she has even turned one yet.

My heart swelled as I watched this little baby move her legs wildly as she grins with glee. The joy in her heart is so clear and bright. It’s downright contagious.

Although this baby doesn’t quite know how to walk yet, once she figures that out, I’m sure she’ll be taking dancing lessons – or teaching them!

The video has already been viewed more than 300,000 time on YouTube. And people love this baby’s moves.

“Wonderfull!!!  Quite an exhibition of energy!” top commenter Dan Dooley wrote.

“Encore! Encore!” Maureen Tang shared on YouTube.

Credits: Americanoverlook

What’s your reaction to the baby river dance?

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