He Uses Pokemon GO To Lure A Kid to The Park. What Follows Is Just Terrifying

Pokemon GO has been all over the news and social networks over the past few weeks. It seems that is a new craze that has got everyone hooked.

Adults, kids, EVERYONE is playing and it doesn’t look like they will be getting bored any time soon.

The game gets people off their butt and out and about getting exercise as they hunt down the Pokemon, which is obviously a good thing. HOWEVER as this Youtuber is keen to point out, parents need to be aware of the potential dangers.

YES we all want our kids to be out getting fresh air instead of being cooped up in their bedrooms all the time.

Unfortunately however, there is no time limit of the game. It doesn’t stop when the lights go down. Our kids can play it whenever they like.


AreWeFamousNow has made this video in which he performs a bit of a social experiment to point out the dangers.

As he explains, the biggest danger in the game is the fact that people can set up things called “lure modules” at the places you go to catch the Pokemon –  “PokeStops”.

With that in mind, he set out to see how easy it is to lure unsuspecting kids to these areas to point out the dangers to parents.

The results are really very worrying!


Credits: AreWeFamousNow | Auntyacid

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