Tiny Cottage Looks Gorgeous On The Outside, But When I Step Inside? My Jaw Drops

This tiny home has won the NAHB Builders Choice Grand & Merit Awards as well as the AIA National Housing Award.  Why? Well, it’s surrounded by 5 acres of woodlands and flowers and it’s built like a dream! The exterior alone, is fantastic. However, the interior is what blows most people away. This is a house that you need to see for yourself:

The pictures from the outside don’t give justice to the actual size of the porch.

It is a wonderful space surrounded by trees and flowers.

The inside opens up to the high ceilings and windows above to bring in the natural light.

The skylight in the living room keeps the natural light flowing throughout this home.

This tiny cottage owes much of its grandness to its high ceilings.

This makes everything seem much larger on the inside.

A cozy breakfast nook surrounded by windows gives the sense of being outdoors without actually having to deal with the elements.

Image Source

Image Source

Or, you can retreat to the master suite which contains its own access to the outside world with sliding glass doors and a private deck area.

The bathroom also contains a laundry unit to combine the two uses into one, convenient space.

This is the view from the loft above and it showcases the loftiness of the ceiling.

This loft space contains an office area.

Or else, it can be another bedroom or perhaps another entertainment space.

The upstairs also contains a second bathroom for the convenience of your guests.

However, when you don’t want to be indoors, this deck space provides you with a tremendous view of the natural world around you.  What a wonderful place to live!