I Thought It Was Strange He Stabbed Rose Stems Into Raw Potatoes. But The Reason Why? SO SMART

Growing plants is a great hobby for anybody to take up.  It can be relatively inexpensive, yield great results, and helps the planet become a greener place.

One trick that exists in the gardening world is called propagating.  It may seem like magic to those who are not familiar with the term, however it is actually a great way to expand your garden for less cost.

This trick can be done to a variety of plants, however in this demonstration roses are used for their highly adaptive growing conditions.

To start out your propagating venture, dig a hole and layer the bottom with sand.


Next, go to some pre-grown roses and clip a stem off.


This is the important part.  Take the leaves off of the stems, and clip them all down to a similar size of about 1 to 1.5 feet long.


Now the magic.  Grab a potato; one for each rose you want, and drill holes into them.  Make sure that the size of the hole is about the same of the width of the rose stem to keep in moisture.


Lay your potatoes into the ground, and cover them up with dirt.  About half of the stem should be sticking up.


Be sure to water your plants right after your cover them up.


2-3 weeks later, you should see all of your hard work pay off!

Credits: Awm

What do you think of this clever trick for having more plants?  Do you have any propagating tips?   Let us know in the comments below!