This SIMPLE Trick Will Remove Ice Off Your Windshield INSTANTLY – No More Messing!

Well this is one of those annoying things in life that often can’t be avoided. Unless anyone out there has got a weather machine? No, I didn’t think so.

Icy weather is just part and parcel of winter. Depending where you live you could already be grappling the effects of winter every morning before you set off to work.

If you’re like me and not the most organised person in the world, finding the time to de-ice your car in a morning can be a real nightmare.

We all know that awful moment when our alarms go off in the morning and we stick our leg out of the cover and the bitter cold makes us want to stay there all day. If only we could get away with that!

Not wanting to face the freezing weather is natural.

When you finally do leave your house the last thing you want to see is a thick layer of ice covering your windshield. Scraping it off is going to take to long, and you will more than likely arrive to work late.

Although the internet gets on my nerves sometimes, it does have its uses.

I was amazed to find the video you are about to watch. YouTube users Day to Day came up with this magical solution to your winter nightmare, you will wish you’d have seen this sooner. It’s useful to keep this in your car because you never know when it might come in handy over the next few months.

Prepare yourself. Winter is coming (no Game Of Thrones reference intended).

Watch the video below to see how it’s done!

Credits: Day by day | Auntyacid

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