This Hummingbird Is Beautiful, But Wait Until You See His Head Move … Wow

Hummingbirds are one of nature’s prettiest creatures. This is especially true for the “Anna’s Hummingbirds.” If you ever get the chance to see these beauties in real life, you won’t be disappointed. Their tropical glow is absolutely stunning, but their habitat is far from the tropics. They are primarily found in residential locations, parks, riverside woods and coastal scrubs. 

From a young age, male Anna’s Hummingbirds will sport the vibrant feathers around their heads and under their beaks. What makes these creatures even more mesmerizing is their ability to change color in the sunlight. Take a look at this gorgeous hummingbird showing off his colors with flair. It is truly incredible.

Editor’s note: We originally identified this as a Red-throated Hummingbird, but it is in fact an Anna’s Hummingbird. Thanks to the amateur (and professional!) ornithologists for bringing this to our attention.

Credits: Vimeo | Wimp