They Thought They Were Going To The Shelter. They Walked Into A Five-Star Restaurant. Gasps!

While I love these so called “pranks” and they bring tears to my eyes, I always wonder what’s next for these people. It’s just like Thanksgiving and Christmas when many of us pay attention to the needy, then for the rest of the year they are on their own again. We need a permanent solution to these problems. Unfortunately we can not depend on a government that works for the Neo-Aristocracy. It must come from the ground up, from us, the people.

Never know when we could be in the same situation. All it can take for many is the loss of a paycheck or two, loss of job, health…. it can happen to any one of us.

Most homeless people just caught one bad break too many.

They’re not bad people. They’re not irresponsible. They’re just unlucky.

And as a result of their bad luck, the rest of us treat them like animals. Like not having a house makes you less of a human.

They also end up eating a lot of soup.

Hey, it’s calories, right?

But what if some homeless people could have a fine dining experience? The music, the white tablecloths, the candles?

Prank It Forward decided to find out. They brought in a designer to transform the space.

A professional chef and a team of volunteers prepared the most stereotypically “fancy” meal they could think of: filet mignon.

The guests couldn’t believe their eyes. They were astounded that all of this was for them.

But more than the food, the string quartet, the decor … the thing they commented on over and over was how amazing it felt to be treated with respect.

How hard is it to offer another person some dignity?

According to this video … not that hard. Kind of fun, actually.

Credits: Upworthy, Video is by Mediocre Films.