They Spot Something Lingering In The Water, So They Get A Group To Pull It Out. What They Found? WOW

A few years back, an unnamed local boy was walking by Lake Kurna Matasjarv in Estonia when he noticed something absolutely bizarre. First, there were tracks deep in the mud, but only leading into the lake and not out. There also were some air bubbles popping up on one part of the lake, a strange occurrence indeed.

He didn’t think much of it, repeating his walk every day for two months. Eventually the boy’s curiosity got the better of him, so he finally informed some adults who took the situation into their own hands. What they discovered on the bottom of that murky lake is nothing less than extraordinary!


From an initial investigation, they realized that whatever was down there was large and very heavy. First they attached a rope and strong hook to the unknown object, obscured in the mud – then they brought in a 68-ton dozer to pull it up.

In the end, everyone involved was left deeply confused as a full-size Soviet military tank slowly was dragged out of the muck. The 30-ton machine had no business being in a random lake in Estonia, yet here it was.

Due to the preserving nature of the mud, the tank was in surprisingly good shape. A few days later, investigators announced that the tank had been used by the Soviet army, then captured by the Germans in 1944. Researchers think they may have driven the tank into the lake to hide it’s location.

According to, the tank has been fully restored into working order – surely a difficult task but one that is totally worth it. Seriously, how often do you get to drive a World War II-era tank around the neighborhood?

Credits: Americanoverlook

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