Thank Your Lucky Sweet Tooth: Chocolate Cake For Breakfast Can Be Good For You

The lead researcher on the study, Professor Daniela Jkubowicz said

…that though both groups were consuming the same amount of calories per day, the group that ate the low carb breakfast did not feel satisfied after they ate in the morning. In fact, they experienced intense cravings for carbs and sugary treats, which led them to cheat on their diets often. 
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This is all good news, right? Well! It gets better.

Eating chocolate for breakfast can help boost your brain power for the day! Another study found that dark chocolate can improve your memory, focus, abstract thinking and cognitive functioning.

We have to be careful, though!

While chocolate is a delicious and much-needed addition to our breakfast routine, shoveling away a whole chocolate cake every day would end up being more bad than good. 

Well, how do you like that!?

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Credits:  International Business Times, Diply
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