Termite problem? Here are 7 powerful remedies to rid your house of pests before it’s too late

On the popular DIY shows where people buy cheap houses to flip, one can say a big roadblock often faced is discovering termites have been lurking behind walls. According to Pest World, termites cause more than $5 million in property damages annually. If you find you’ve been targeted by these pesky creatures, there are alternatives to chemical laden pest control treatments.

Source: Flickr/Mattie Valente
Orange Oil

In laboratory experiments, orange oil was proven as a fumigant, killing termites on contact. To use orange oil as a treatment method, holes must be drilled in the walls every five inches around the infestation. Then, orange oil can be injected into the holes where the termites are located.


Termites cannot withstand extreme temperatures, so another way to remove termites is to cover the infested structure and raise the temperature. The temperature must reach at least 130 degrees which can be achieved by placing propane burners near air ducts to move the air towards the area affected.

This method is extremely effective, and a study from Berkeley showed that this method allowed 90-99% of termites to be eradicated through this treatment.