She Poses These 11 Babies For A Photo – Just Wait Until You See The Result

Growing up, there was only one thing that made Julie Willson’s family a little different – Julie’s sister Dina was born with Down Syndrome. Now Julie uses her incredible skills to make a difference.


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Beautiful Inside And Out

Julie is a talented and well-respected photographer from New Jersey. Recently, she decided to turn her lens on some very special subjects.

She photographed a playful group of children who all were diagnosed with Down Syndrome.


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A Simple Goal

For Julie, the photography project was a way to show the world the amazing, funny and unique personalities that each of the children have.


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Wouldn’t Change It For The World

She says she just wants to make sure parents realize that Down Syndrome isn’t a death sentence, which is an issue that really hits home for her.

Children diagnosed with Down Syndrome can live long happy lives and their families can thrive right alongside of them.


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A Little History

Down Syndrome occurs when a baby has an extra chromosome in their body.

There are different variations of Down Syndrome and they all come with their own special circumstances and complications. Some cases are debilitating and others are much more easy to deal with. It all just depends on which variation the child is diagnosed with. (13)

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Manageable Symptoms, Happy Hearts

Even though Down Syndrome causes physical and mental growth to be stunted, many of those diagnosed with the condition are benefiting from the extensive research being conducted around the world.

They are living much longer and have the ability to truly enjoy their lives.


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Dina Is Julie’s True Guardian Angel

Despite the fact that Julie’s sister Dina passed away over four years ago from congestive heart failure, a condition that people with Down Syndrome frequently struggle with, Julie still remembers her fondly.


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Best Friends For Life

Julie explains that Dina was “the best thing that could have happened to our family.”

Many other parents with Down Syndrome children feel similarly. Even though the condition comes with its own set of challenges, the family can rally together and become even closer.


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As Happy As A Clam

Many of these children are entered into normal classrooms, and play, romp and argue just like any other kid their age.


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Science And Faith Is To Thank

Dina was able to double her life expectancy thanks to modern medicine and a supportive family.

Julie is making it her mission to share that people with Down Syndrome have as much to offer the world as anyone else. Her breathtaking pictures reflect her message perfectly.


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They Warm Your Heart

These children are able to experience unconditional love, happiness and success. Their honesty and genuine concern for others is enough to make anyone’s heart melt.


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You Can Help

If you want to learn more about ways that you can help those with Down Syndrome, visit to learn how.

It shares ways you can volunteer your time, donate what you can and integrate Down Syndrome awareness into your day-to-day life.


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A Woman With A Vision

Thanks to Julie and her guardian angel of a sister, they were able to raise awareness about this pressing issue through Julie’s beautiful photography.

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Her touching story and breathtaking photos have been shared around the Internet and have reached an audience of millions. Julie can count her mission as an enormous success.