Secret Netflix Categories You Never Knew Existed

Netflix has been all the rage in recent years as it is the go-to place for movie watching. Even the saying “Netflix and chill” has become huge in popular culture, referring to the act of checking out a flick on Netflix while getting romantic with your partner.

Yet with the massive popularity of Netflix, and the thousands of movies and TV shows you can instantly watch, it turns out there is another side to Netflix that very few people know about.

The hardest part about Netflix is picking the right movie for the mood you are in. This involves searching very general categories, and it can take up a whole lot of your time!

So there are actually much more specific categories you can get into and even alternative film sections (like Experimental Movies 11079) that you can access. This provides an awesome alternative to a lot of the mainstream fluff that appears on the main pages of many categories.

There are many hidden categories that Netflix, for some reason has been pretty much hiding from regular view.


Can’t decide between a movie set at sea or a horror film? Well then the category of Deep Sea Horror Movies (45028) is for you!

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