‘Privacy Bed’ Turns Into Fort For People With Anxiety

Anyone with anxiety knows what it’s like to have nowhere to hide when the world seems to be closing in on them. Even being in your own home can be overwhelming and you find yourself searching for anywhere to escape. Thanks to a new piece of furniture, people suffering from anxiety will have the perfect place to get away from it all right in their very own homes. Everyone loves forts and they have always been looked at as a sort of private sanctuary. There’s no need to grow up and move on from forts now because that’s exactly what you can expect from the new “Privacy Bed.”

Sleepless nights and overwhelming anxiety won’t be the same worry now.

The Bed Tent has you covered if you suffer from anxiety or are looking for some alone time.
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The Bed Tent, designed by Privacy Pop, attaches to most beds but can also be used on its own.

Close it up and you have instant privacy.
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It reduces ambient light while you sleep or nap and zipping up the window keeps out the light of the rising sun.

They also come in fun colors!
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So whether you’re looking for some privacy or need a calming environment…

The Bed Tent is the perfect place to hide away for a little while.
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Check out their Instagram for more pictures!

And visit their website if you’re interested in getting your own Bed Tent!
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Credits: Diply

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