She Points At The Prices Listed At Costco And Reveals A Shopping Secret I Never Knew

The Krazy Coupon Ladies, Joanie Demer and Heather Wheeler, want to help everyone save more money when shopping. This time they go to Costco, ready to show all sorts of important tips. They even start out with how to get in without actually having a membership.

A lot of people don’t want to shop at Costco because of the annual fee, but there are so many ways to save at the warehouse. If someone has a friend with a membership, they can ask them to buy a cash card, which allows entrance and payment without a being a member. Warehouse clubs like Costco are able to give such savings by limiting the variety of products in their stores and buying in bulk. This allows them to make money while having a much lower mark-up than other stores.

Joanie and Heather show how to use the coupons and prices to the shopper’s advantage. Costco’s store brand is always a great deal, as are the ink refills. They also have group tickets and even beat Amazon on toy prices. The Krazy Coupon Ladies even have tips on when to buy items and when to go to Costco for the smallest crowds. These ladies are definitely helping a multitude of people with their extremely useful tips on saving.

Credits: The Krazy Coupon Lady | Faithtap