The Photo Of This Cat Isn’t Fake – It’s A Real Stray Living In Bulgaria

This cat may look like the subject of someone’s imaginative Photoshop skills, but he actually spends his days walking around the Black Sea area of Bulgaria featuring the vibrant green fur in real life. Residents of the coastal city of Varna, Bulgaria may have finally cracked the mystery of a local stray cat that has been walking around town with bright, green fur.

At first residents thought that maybe the cat had been abducted and forcibly spray painted by hoodlums.

Locals even founded a Facebook page to coordinate efforts to look for the perpetrators.

However, this week it came to light that the unnamed cat spends its sleeping hours on an abandoned pile of synthetic green paint in a garage in the city.

While it looks a bit dangerous, it’s believed that the paint is not toxic since the cat has been seen licking itself, and has not yet fallen ill.

At the moment there are no plans to catch and clean the cat. The city seems content to let this unusual feline brighten up the drab looking streets of Varna for the time being.

But, we hope this unusual fella finds a forever home that’ll take the time to clean him.

For more cute, green cat action check out the video below.

Credits: The Independent and Viralnova

Hopefully, the paint this particular cat is sleeping near is non-toxic. No matter how cool a bright green cat is, don’t attempt to recreate this Bulgarian pet in your own home.