A study Confirms that Women Handle Better than Men

You aren’t a woman if you haven’t had to drive with a scared man inside the car giving you ridiculous directions like stopping at a red light or not stopping so abruptly. Moreover, more than once you heard a man throw a woman at her “few skills” of driving. It’s so much that


17 Hilarious Wives Whose Husbands Are 100% Lucky To Have Them

Men have a pretty good go at it, but I think we all know that women are the true queens of SHADE. Women are so passive aggressive when they’re p*ssed off, that this actually turns into some kind of expert level trolling behaviour. & It’s not just the passive-aggressive anger


Study Says Eating Cheese Could Be The Secret To A Longer Life

Pretty much all of us have cravings for cheese on a daily basis. And I’m not talking just a dusting of parmesan shavings – I’m talking a whole load of melty, stringy cheese goodness. You might go to your fridge deluding yourself into thinking you’ll have no more than a tiny bit