Older Man Finds Bird’s Feet Frozen To Pipe. His Ingenious Rescue Went Viral Overnight

Not all heroes wear capes!

In fact, some of them are disguised as older gentlemen who really care about the wildlife and nature surrounding their property! One such hero, named Nelson Wilson, unveiled himself in a rescue video that’s going absolutely viral.

Due to frigid winter temperatures, one little finch caught itself trapped on the metal piping right next to a water heater where it stopped by to take a drink. Unfortunately, the bird’s feet got wet from the water – and when it decided to rest on the metal piping, its feet became attached. When Nelson heard the panicked tweeting from the bird, he came right away, but it’s what he did next that left the Internet cheering….

Scooping the finch up in his hand (to avoid further injury), Nelson began to blow his warm breath over its frozen feet. After several minutes of blowing, something miraculous happened! Click “play” on the video below to see Nelson’s brave rescue mission and the lucky bird who escaped a grim fate!

Credits: YouTube, Faithtap