Their Moving Song For “Mom” Is Bringing Everyone To Tears

Even before a child enters the world, there is no one who cares about them more than their Mom does. Well, get ready for the tissues, because there isn’t a song that captures this idea more than one called “Mom.” In this video, the a capella group Home Free sings a rendition of the Garth Brooks tune. And oh boy, is it ever beautiful.

The song “Mom” was written to represent a conversation between God and an unborn child. Although the child wishes to stay with God, he details how incredible their Mom is – who is waiting for them to arrive. Although many are familiar with the Garth Brooks version of this song, Home Free does an absolutely amazing job of covering it (and were thrilled to do so). Tim Foust from Home Free says,”Home Free considers it a privilege to be able to honor all of the amazing moms out there with this beautiful, poignant song.”

Not only does Home Free sound like a group of angels themselves singing “Mom,” but the video is just as heartwarming to watch. It is full of Moms, their babies, and children – showing the love between them all. We hope you enjoy this video. It certainly brought us to tears!

Credits: YouTube, Faithtap