Mom Gathers Pinecones. The Way She Transofrms Them Is Surprising And Exquisite

We see pine cones all the time but we never knew all the cool things you can do with them. From practical to decorative, there are many reasons you’ll want to save your pine cones this holiday season!

single pine cone set in fresh snow close up detail

Pine Cone Garland

For a beautiful decoration to hang around your home, try this fun craft.

DIY with the Sweetest Occasion

Attach a ring screw into the base of the pine cone (painted a festive holiday color) and string twine through the screw.

DIY with the Sweetest Occasion

Make a knot before and after each pine cone to keep it in place.


Now deck your halls with these natural garland.


Snowy Candle Jars

For this fun project all you need is snow texture paint, lace, twine, epsom salt, and pinecones. Get the full instructions here!


Festive Front Door Hanger

Add a little holiday cheer to your front door with this cool idea! All you need is a ring screw, ribbon and your trusty pine cones.


Just like we did before, attach a ring screw to the bottom of the pine cone.


Thread a ribbon through the screw and tie both ends of the ribbon at the top. Once you’ve strung all the ribbon, tie them together and use them as a hanger on your door!


Pine Cone Wreath

You can make a beautiful wreath that will impress your holiday guests with a hot-glue gun and things found right in your own backyard.


Mini Christmas Tree Table Topper

Hot-glue a star on top and mini planter to the base and you’ll have a fun table decoration that’s perfect for Christmas dinner.


Owl Ornaments

Impress your kids with this fun craft! Follow the steps below to get it down pat.


Glittered Pine Cones

First, coat your pine cones with aersol spray adhesive, then roll them all through glitter.


Do this one batch at a time, beginning with your lightest color and ending with your darkest.

Let them dry and decorate your house as you see fit!


These magical pinecones will catch everyone’s attention during the Christmas party!


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