Man Sees Cop Being Beat To Death On Highway, Takes Immediate Action [video]

When it comes to America’s second amendment rights, people discount the value of having an armed populace. While guns in the wrong hands always prove to be deadly, when the right person has one and vows to only use it for good, positive things can happen. And bad guys can be blown away.

In what is being applauded a case of vigilante justice, one armed citizen shot and killed a suspect as they abused a police officer along a stretch of Florida highway following the election last week.

Apparently, the citizen sniper took aim as a suspect beat Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy Dean Bardes along the side of the road after being stopped during a high-speed chase.

The fateful event occurred in Estero, Florida on an exit ramp of I-75. Learn more about this case and what will happen to the vigilante citizen sniper below!

While working an accident scene, Deputy First Class Bardes, who has worked the Lee County Sheriff’s Department for 12 years, witnessed the suspect recklessly speeding by, posing a danger to others on the road. The Deputy gave pursuit for several miles.

Finally, the suspect stopped. But when he exited his car, he began to assault Deputy Bardes.

When a passerby witness the violence, he stopped to offer help to Deputy Bardes in an effort to support the good guys.

At that point, the suspect was on top of Deputy Bardes and the officer was screaming for help, terrified that he could be killed by the reckless driver’s strong punches.

The passerby listen to the officer’s cry for help. He took out his gun and shot the suspect dead. Then he drove away before Deputy Bardes could identify him.

One witness, named Rick Maestas, witnessed much of the crazy ordeal. He saw the high-speed pursuit draw to a close on the left shoulder of the busy highway. He saw the suspect mount the police officer after beating the veteran into submission.

Then Maestas heard three gun shots and the abuser atop the officer lifelessly fall to the side.

Maestas saw that the deputy was exhausted from the fight. And he saw the gun-toting vigilante flee the scene.

In the video report below, which was published on November 14, you’ll hear more about what happened during the violent confrontation.

According to the reporter, a witnessed “saw the deputy with his lights on trying to make a traffic stop when the driver jumped out of his car and started punching that deputy. Witnesses then say another man with a gun in a separate car got out of his and yelled for the suspect to get off that deputy. When he didn’t the suspect was shot. The deputy is now in the hospital. He is expected to be okay.”

The suspect is dead. And I-75 has been closed all day because the scene is still being investigated. Police hope to identify the man who shot and killed the unarmed abuser. They have not indicated whether the killer will be charged with manslaughter or homicide.

Credits: awm

Do you think America would be a safer place if more people had guns? Or would there just be more murders?

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  1. Caveprod says:

    The intervenor obviously did the wrong thing and should face court to explain himself.

    He killed a man. Was he justified? Was it murder? Did the policeman need more help or even need any help at all in the first place?

    No one just kills someone and then takes off, not even policement.

    Whether guns are good or not is debatable, the need for an inquest after such radical action is not.

    Maybe the guy was a hero, a judge needed to decide, else it was just a murder in question to be resolved.