Her Kids Walked In On The MOST Horrifying Site They Could Imagine. HEARTBREAKING.

I am telling this story as, whilst it is truly horrific, with the help of a loving family, this mother found light at the end of the tunnel, as you will see from the video.

Carmen Tarleton is A SURVIVOR of a brutal case of domestic violence.  Going back to the beginning, Carmen’s second marriage started with great joy, as you would expect.  Her husband, Herbert Rogers, was good natured and even got on well with Carmen’s sister.

There were no signs, whatsoever, that he could have been abusive.

Credits: E:60 | Auntyacid

It was 2006 when Carmen and her family moved back to Vermont that things started to take a turn for the worst.  Rogers found it difficult to get work and he grew increasingly depressed.  He became a recluse and starting staying in his room with the door tightly shut.

 It put pressure on Carmen and her two daughters and, eventually, they decide to divorce, with Rogers moving out of their home.

Whilst the divorce was being filed, Carmen started dating a guy from work and life seemed to be a bit brighter.  It’s not known, for sure, whether Rogers knew about this new romance, but he turned up at the house on 10 June 2007 AND THE NIGHTMARE BEGAN.

He couldn’t get in so he broke down the door and on seeing Carmen, he attacked her with a baseball bat and poured lye (an acid solution) all over her.

The years following this barbaric attack were so very difficult and painful for Carmen. Even a sentence of 30 years in prison for Harris could not bring back normality for the family, so Carmen decide to do SOMETHING POSITIVE.  She is using her experience of domestic abuse to help others overcome their struggle.

I know you will find this video difficult to watch but please don’t ignore it.  Domestic violence is going on all over the world and we must not turn a blind eye.  After you’ve viewed it, share with your family and friends.