Judges Confused When Young Girl Walks Out With Stuffed Animal, By The End They Had Her In Tears

Stepping on the America’s Got Talent stage as an adult is intimidating enough, but imagine doing so as a 12-year-old girl! That’s exactly what Darci Lynne did and her routine had people watching live and on television hooting and hollering! This preteen’s unique skill is something most of us couldn’t even imagine dabbling in!

With Darci’s “dummy” by her side, she confidently stands on the America’s Got Talent stage. But as soon as Simon starts to ask about her routine, she breaks out with a serious case of the giggles. Soon she has her excitement tamped down and she’s ready to demonstrate her impressive ventriloquist act! Not only does she make her ventriloquist bunny talk, but “it” sings with the voice of an angel.

The judges are all blown away by Darci’s routine, and she even earns a coveted standing ovation from the entire panel! However, Mel B seems to be more impressed than the rest of the judges. After praising Darci’s love for ventriloquism, Mel B reaches her hand across the table and does something that made the preteen burst out in tears. Watch Darci’s incredible routine and the judges’ reaction for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below! Darci’s talent will definitely keep ventriloquism alive!

Credits: FaithtapYouTube