Judge Forces Wife Who Was Abused By Husband To Write Him Letters In Jail. Reason Is Infuriating

Natalie Allman was subjected to hours of torture and abuse by the hands of her ex-fiance and the father of her children. Not only that, but he beat, bruised and even sliced Allman’s throat while their children watched. Now the judge has ordered that Allman write letters to her violent ex-fiance while he serves out his jail sentence updating the attempted murderer on the progress of their children. If she doesn’t write these letters to her abuser, the judge will throw her in jail too.

The harsh judge decided to turn his wrath away from the criminal and toward 29-year-old Allman, the victim of horrible abuse and violence. If she decided not to write these letters updating the attempted killer, she would be held in contempt of court and thrown behind bars.

When her five-year-old twin sons were two years old, they were forced to watch their father slice their mother’s throat and savagely beat her for hours. Mom couldn’t believe that her ex-fiance, Jason Hughes, had this violent side underneath the surface and was willing to reveal it to his two boys.

Because the judge was trying to uphold parental rights laws, he demanded the Allman send letters and photos to her attack three times each year. If she didn’t, she’d be arrested, jailed and have her twin boys taken from her custody.

Allman still has the scars from the abuse. Her neck has a line along it where Hughes sliced her throat. Now she is angry that the judge is making her feel like a criminal for being abused.

“We are the victims, not him,” she said. “I thought he was going to kill me that night for no reason and my boys saw that. They were terrified. I’m so angry that the law still defends his parental rights and that he is still being allowed to control us from behind bars.”

Back in 2012, Hughes, 42, was thrown in jail for twelve years for what he did to Allman at their home. The violent man got jealous when Allman broke things off just two months before they were planning to marry. She told him that she wanted to see someone else.

Hughes was condemned with an alcohol addiction and formerly worked as a Territorial Army soldier, attempted to murder her by smothering her with a pillow. Then he repeatedly beat her with his dumbbell weight and slashed her throat with his blade.

During his service, Hughes was trained to use bayonets and knives in the Army. And after she was bleeding and suffering for seven hours, he finally let Allman call an ambulance. Officers and paramedics arrived to find the 2-year-old twin boys terrified and holding their mother, who was covered in blood.

Allman’s face will never look the same after the abuse. She underwent cosmetic surgery but it still couldn’t reverse all the damage.

Nevertheless, she moved on. She has had another child with a new partner and is working to keep her family away from the murderous Hughes.

In 2014, Hughes applied for a contact order under the Children Act of 1989. He demanded six letters each year and phone calls.

Allman fought the order. But the judge forced her to write three letters with updates on the children or face jail time.

Hughes was also given permission to send a yearly letter along with Christmas and Birthday cards.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Allman said. The letters sickened her when she learned that Hughes was living like a king in prison playing Xbox all day. “I could end up being split up from my children and sent to prison when he was the one who attacked me. I’m the one being treated like a criminal.”

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