It May Look Like A Regular Coffee Table, But It’s Way More Impressive Than That

Think back for a moment…what were you doing during your high school woodworking class? Did you goof off with friends? Fall asleep because your teacher was painfully dull? Maybe you halfheartedly constructed a tiny birdhouse? Let’s admit it: most people don’t really take woodworking class all that seriously.

But this kid is not most people.

What he made might look like a regular table, but wait until you see how he customized it to make it out of this world!

He started by putting together the top of the table.

He built a frame around the tabletop which would make space for something pretty special.

Next, he attached the legs.

Some trim was added and it was time to start staining!

A darker stain helped bring out the unique characteristics of the wood.

Then it was time to start installing the electronics…

He added a mirror to the bottom of the table.

A string of LED lights were added around the edges of the table…interesting.

Once the LED lights were installed, he added a two-way mirror to the top.

And here’s the completed table! Pretty nice on it’s own…

But when it’s on, it’s epic!

It just keeps getting cooler!

Credits:  Reddit | Viralnova

I had no idea what he was doing until the very end. It seems like it would be so hard to make by the looks of the finished product, but those instructions are pretty easy to follow! Will you make your own infinity table at home?