If You Were Born Before The 80s, You’ll Get This. If You Weren’t, THen You Missed All The Magic

According to all the rules and regulations nowadays, it must be an absolute miracle that so many of us kids survived those horrendously dangerous times of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. These were the days when things were totally out of hand. I’m talking about how kids didn’t wear bike helmets. They were out sometimes until dark with little to no supervision. They didn’t have cell phones to check in with. They ran around and roughhoused with one another while taking turns swinging from ropes and racing through rough playground terrain. They were exposed to led paint and cigarette smoke. And can you believe it that medicine bottles were actually not child-proof?

How is it that so many of us from that era are still alive today? It’s refreshing to know that the children of today are so secluded, isolated, and safely addicted to screens, rather than roughhousing it outdoors. I just couldn’t imagine if they were exposed to all the fun, excitement, and memorable thrills that me and all my friends had back in the day.

If you are nostalgic like I am for the “good ol’ days” where being a kid was all about fun and adventure (and yes the occasional cuts and bruises), then you will definitely want to check out this fantastic video of what it really meant to be a kid back when you were allowed the fun and freedom that all kids deserve to experience.

Credits: Tugat Yourheart | Damn