If You Need To Save Space In Your Place, You Gotta Try These 14 Design Tricks

If there’s one thing we could all use a little more of, it’s space. Once we get settled in at a particular apartment or home, it seems like the clutter just builds and builds until something has to be done. For anyone currently in this situation, you have a choice to make:

a) Use your space more efficiently

b) Sell your precious possessions

c) Move into a bigger place

For those of you that picked A, good choice! Lucky for you, there are tons of unique and useful designs that can take a cluttered room and make it feel much more spacious. Check out some of these brilliant space-saving designs below.

1. A hidden trash can.

2. PVC pipe shoe storage.

3. A sliding food cabinet.

Discover how to DIY this here!

4. Hanging bike racks.

5. Up-high heel storage.

6. Hideaway office storage.

7. A multipurpose bedroom and reading area.

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