He’s Just Setting Up For A Still Shot, But Then He ‘Clicks,’ And My Heart Sank

Humans need to realize this planet isn’t ours and it needs to be respected and not to be destroyed. Show your kids they are the one’s that have a chance to stop this don’t let it carry on.

If you ever needed proof that trashing our oceans causes harm, look no further than Midway Island. It’s over 2,000 miles from anywhere you’d consider “mainland,” yet garbage from far away is affecting the ecosystem there in startling ways. Please watch this and let us know what you think.

Credits: Phan Anh  via YouTube | Sfglobe

These are the things people hear about but do not see. If they do see, they do not want to watch. It’s like turning our heads when the starving peope are shown on TV, or the Humane Societys’ commercials of abused animals. My heart breaks when I see these things. Do most people care? I think so, but the problem is so big that it is hard to imagine that one small thing we do matters. But it does. Try to do one small thing a day, and smile. Because in the end all of the small things matter.