Here’s The Brands That Just Recalled 3 Million Frozen Meals Due To People Finding Glass In Them…

Going out to eat can be nice, but there is always the fact that someone else is making food for you. This can result in gross things like finding other people’s hair in your food or the stereotypical fly in the soup.

This is why eating at home can be a lot nicer. You know what goes into your food, and you make it so you know it is OK.

Frozen dinners are a way for people to eat at home and know what they are putting into their bodies, while at the same time perfect for those of us who don’t feel like cooking dinner or just don’t have the time.

This seems like the simple solution for someone who wants their meals to be prepared for them, but wants the sanitary safety of making their own meal.

Unfortunately, this has changed recently. All of a sudden, millions of frozen meals have had something funky going on with them.

About three million boxes of frozen DiGiorno pizzas, Stouffer’s lasagnas and Lean Cuisine meals are being recalled.

Turns out, the reason all of these meals are being recalled is because customers are finding pieces of glass in them!

Luckily, Nestle USA, which is the company that owns all of these recalled brands, claimed that there have been no reported injuries due to the glass.

It’s possible that the glass could be from the spinach found in the recalled products, and an investigation is trying to find out if this is the cause of the accidental extra ingredient.

The recall includes four different types of DiGiorno pizzas, five types of Lean Cuisine meals, four Stouffer’s lasagnas and one Stouffer’s spinach soufflé.

Nestle has listed each recalled product on their website, check them out at

Credits: Awm

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