What Is Your Headache Telling You? Warning Signs Your Headache Is Dangerous

Everyone’s had a day in bed with a headache. Sometimes, admittedly, we did it to ourselves. A good night out is a great way to score a killer cranium the next day, and the only reason that pain isn’t worrisome is that we all know how it happened. But what about those times when you don’t know where your headache is from? Headaches, like most aches and pains, are the way your body tells you, “Hey, listen up dude, I need something”. That “something” can be pretty benign, but it could be a sign of something more serious.

Thunderclap Headache Is Nothing To Clap About (Put Your Damn Hands Down)

These headaches are scary because they come out of effing nowhere. This baby has a severe and sudden onset and takes only seconds to reach maximum intensity. It can be an indicator of a number of health problems. The scariest of these is a subarachnoid hemorrhage, which can be life-threatening.

“Enforce This!” — This Guy’s Head

There are many times in life when your head is going to just give you a big “nope” and keep you aching in the dark with a bucket. Some people risk head injury for a living and though this is a fact of life (hockey, boxing, football, etc. are not possible without risk of injury), pain needs to be monitored to keep serious problems from developing.

"Enforce This!" — This Guy's Head
via The Hockey Writers | Al Larson

Rise And Shine! You Get A Headache For Breakfast!

If you’re waking up wanting to rip your hair out BEFORE finding out you have nothing to wear, you may have a headache that needs attention. According to The National Headache Foundation, “Serious diseases may cause early morning awakening headaches. These diseases may include brain tumors, sleep apnea, and severe high blood pressure.”

Rise And Shine! You Get A Headache For Breakfast!
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