Guy Surfs Monster Wave On A Dirt Bike And It’s Seriously Epic

Have you ever tried to surf? I have – putting it generously to myself, it was an absolute fail on every level. Even with the traditional board and moderately friendly waves, I struggled to manage anything even remotely close to surfing and this only increased my respect for all the people out there that are nailing the sport. Well, Robert Maddison, an Australian motorbike stunt rider, just took surfing to a new level; taking on Tahiti’s monster surf…on a dirt bike.

The stunt titled “Robbie Maddison’s Pipe Dream” was the result of a two-year partnership between Maddison and DC Shoes and this allowed the daredevil’s imagination to run completely wild and the results are here for you to enjoy.

Credits: Viralthread | DC Shoes

Maddison said his three favourite things are dirt biking, surfing and standup jet skiing, so it was only natural of him to combine the three really – right? Over the course of two years, Maddison learnt how to ride his customised bike on the water, which was a special inflatable air had to be installed on his bike to float it if he wiped out.