Guy Rewired Nerf Gun For Extra Fire Power, His Mate Takes The Brunt Of It

As a child I absolutely loved my little Nerf gun, but as I got older I found that it just didn’t have the destructive capabilities I was looking for in a replica weapon. Like any addict, I had to move onto harder stuff – hence a new love for the BB Gun was born.

Thankfully though, one guy has managed to upgrade his Nerf gun and turn it into a weapon of mass pain. Pimped up and dangerous, YouTuber MegaJAFmanEXE upped the voltage on his Hail-fire model, meaning he can increase the speed at which the gun fires bullets. Safe to say his guinea pig friend was not prepared for the previously harmless weapon to pack such a punch.

Look at the marks on this guy’s skin and tell me you’d be happy to take a few of these in the chest!

Credits: Viralthread

OUCH. That video looks like a dialed-down scene from Scarface, with Al Pucino spraying bullets everywhere causing chaos. It’s safe to say that Nerf guns are now the ultimate toy, capable of being child friendly, but then utterly ridiculous all with the help of a few batteries. I’m digging my old one out of the attic as I speak.