Grandparents Are Furious After Shower Gel They Bought Their Granddaughter Had A Lewd Message

If you look closely, you can read the message on the label:

It reads, “How to use: If you really don’t know how to use this, then we suggest you find someone you really like and invite them into the shower with you to demonstrate.”
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That is definitely not appropriate for an eight year old…

Richard immediately contacted the store and got an apology from the store manager. Richard said, “He didn’t even take my name or address though, so I don’t think anything will be done.”
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Richard had some strong words about his gift.

“It’s wrong. If I wanted something like that I’d have gone into an Ann Summers shop,” he said
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The debate is now open concerning whether the bottle was intended for children in the first place.

“My wife spends quite a bit of money in Lush and bought two sets for my two grandchildren. It didn’t say anything about age restrictions or anything,” explained Richard. This advertisement for the shower gel does look quite childish. Richard added that “It was called ‘Little Snow Fairy’ which to me indicates it’s ideal for kids.”

People have put forth several opinions concerning the appropriateness of the gel…