Grandparents Are Furious After Shower Gel They Bought Their Granddaughter Had A Lewd Message

Richard Shiner and his wife Tracey bought a simple gift for their eight-year-old granddaughter for Christmas, a bath set. When they read the label after giving it to her, they were shocked. What do you think about the message on this bottle of shower gel?

Christmas is a time of year where you want to make your children and grandchildren as happy as possible.

Seeing those little faces light up during the holidays is what it’s all about, right?
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Grandparents Richard and Tracey Shiner went to a bath and body store called Lush to pick up a nice little bath set for their 8-year-old granddaughter.

It turns out that they bought something that was less than appropriate for her. They only discovered the message after reading the label the day they gave the present away!
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Here is Tracey holding up the bottle of Lush Snow Fairy shower gel that she bought for her granddaughter.

The couple bought the gel because they thought the name suggested it would be appropriate for a young girl. 
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Well, maybe not so much…

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