Ghostly Figure Appears Above World Trade Centre On 9/11

The 11th of September was an important date this year. Not only was it the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, but it also happened 15 years ago on that day. Thousands of people lost their lives in a mindless terror attack that changed the history of America in a matter of hours.


Photographer Rich McCormack was taking photos of the World Trade Centre’s annual ‘Tribute In Light’ when he spotted something lurking amongst the clouds of the photo. It was something miraculous and special.

Amongst the clouds there seemed to be an apparition which appeared to be looking down at the World’s Trade Centre. Rich was quick to shared the photo on social media. It soon became viral, and many began to believe the strange figure in the clouds resembled the figure of an angel or even Jesus Christ himself.

Some other people also believed that it was New York’s guardian angel, offering support and comfort to the family of those effected by 9/11.


Some accused Rich of adding in the figure afterwards, but many people took it as a source of comfort. On such a tragic day it offered comfort and hope, some took it as a sign that God is always there, watching over us.

While there is still no way to prove if the photo is real or fake, it still offers support and comfort for those who need it.

It’s also an incredibly powerful image.


Credits: Auntyacid

Whether you believe in God, angels, or guardian angels, you have to admit that the ‘figure’ in the clouds comforting to see.

Especially on such an important anniversary where 2,996 people were killed, and 6,000 people were wounded.