Experts Have Finally Identified The ‘Alien’ Creature Captured By A Mexican Fisherman

For as much ocean exploring as researchers have done over the past several decades, the majority of animals that exist within those bodies of water largely remain a mystery.

Sometimes you just have to expect the unexpected when you’re out on the ocean, and that’s makes exploration so much fun. There’s no telling what kind of sea creature you might reel in on any given fishing trip!

Just ask Jaime Rendon, who, while on a recent fishing trip near the Los Cabos coast of Mexico, reeled in an “alien fish.” See the rare species he caught on the water that day…

Jaime Rendon and a group of fishermen were enjoying a nice day out on the Pisces Sportfishing Fleet a mile out near the Los Cabos coast of Mexico when their trip suddenly took an unexpected turn. He felt a strong tug on his line, so he began to reel in whatever creature was on the other end of the pole…



When Jaime eventually pulled the sea creature on board, the other fishermen immediately claimed it appeared to be an alien fish, with its white, smooth and puffy body. In all their years out on the water, they’d never encountered anything quite like it before.



It was perhaps, the animal’s pale skin that most baffled the group of fishermen, though, they were equally as put off by its eyes. “I was really surprised but what caused most impact were the eyes, so strange,” Jaimesaid in an interview. When they took a closer look at the “rare species,” they realized what they’d caught…



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