Cyclist Out For A Ride Gets The Most Unwelcome And Horrifying Surprise Ever

Humans, as much as we’d like to think so, are not on the top of the food chain.

Especially if you go out on a hike or bike ride. Chris was mountain biking in Fernie, Fernie, British Columbia when he learned this valuable lesson.

He ran into a mountain lion. Chris slowly backed away, but he cougar started to stalk him.

Chris tried to talk to the cat to scare it off while trying to remain calm. He even somehow managed to record the whole thing!

What Chris did was exactly what you should do if you find yourself face to face with a big cat.

Don’t turn your back, maintain eye contact, and talk in a loud, assertive voice.

Take a look at this video!

Credits: Deep Bush Survival | Heroviral

If you run, you will lose (your life). All sounds good, in theory, but being so brave in the face of danger is a whole other thing! Glad Chris is safe. Share away, people!