Couple Adopts Dog Before Meeting Him. When The Trailer Door Opens To Reveal Him, They Lose It

You might just need to keep a tissue close by for this one.

In 2011, due to Tracy Whyatt’s unbreakable love for dogs, she decided she’d follow her passion and begin helping the unloved and unwanted dogs in her area.

She, along with her husband Scott, started making road trips, collecting unwanted dogs from Texas kill shelters, then helping relocate them to other less pressured states to hopefully find them their forever homes.

This quickly snowballed and here began their amazing company, Tracy’s Dogs. Since then, together they have adopted over three thousand seven hundred dogs who would have otherwise been put to sleep.

Every month, after going through an application process, matching the right dogs to perfect owners, Scott loads the lucky puppers into his specialised trailer and takes them to PetSmart parking lots in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC and Florida. Where he is always greeted by the new, pre-approved pet parents.

In the breathtaking video, you can watch the moment when some of these new owners meet their dogs for the very first time.

It really will pull on your emotions watching the families grow right in front of your very eyes.

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Credits: happiest